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Avicenna, the History of Public Health in Iran, and Impacts on Modern Medicine
Friday, September 17, 2021 • 2pm EST via Zoom

images of book covers for "Avicenna's Medicine" and "Studies in the History of Medicine in Iran"
Photo credits (L to R, clockwise): Iranian Nurse 1950s, Helene Fuld Health Foundation; Philip Boucas, Medical Students in Tehran in 1970s,  WHO; Diagram of Brain According to Avicenna (England, 13th C.), Cambridge University Library; Postage Stamp Bearing Likeness of  Avicenna/Ibn Sina, Poland.

Featuring a paneled discussion by:

  • Hakima Amri, PhD, Director, Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences Graduate Program, Georgetown University; Co-Author, Avicenna’s Medicine
  • Willem Floor, PhD, Iranologist, Author, including but not limited to Studies in the History of Medicine in Iran
  • Sheva Tabatabainejad, Moderator, Georgetown University Alumna

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Funded in part by the Jalinous Endowed Fund for Persian Studies.

Nowruz Presentation

Persian minor students and faculty gathered around a haft seen table to celebrate the Persian New Year

Annually, students in the Persian Studies program set up a haft seen table in the ICC Galleria to celebrate Nowruz, the Persian New Year around March 20th. This is an opportunity to share Nowruz traditions with the entire Georgetown community. Students explain what Nowruz is, discuss the symbolism behind each item on the haft seen table, and share traditional sweets with fellow students, staff, and faculty passing by.