Sheikholeslami-Batmanghelidj Events

Georgetown students in the Persian Studies Program had the opportunity to attend three seminars by the inaugural Sheikholeslami-Batmanghelidj Iranian Studies Visiting Scholar Dr. Abbas Milani during the week of March 21st, 2022. Dr. Abbas Milani is the Hamid and Christina Moghadam Director of Iranian Studies and Adjunct Professor at the Center on Democracy, Development and Rule of Law at the Freeman Spogli Institute at Stanford University. In his seminar series entitled Modernism and Modernities, Dr. Milani shared with students his expertise on the contemporary history of Iran. In total, around 60 undergraduate and graduate students from Georgetown College and the School of Foreign Service attended these seminars. This week of events was funded by the Sheikholeslami-Batmanghelidj Fund.