Kayla Zamanian

Kayla Zamanian ’23 is a Science, Technology, and International Affairs (STIA) major in the School of Foreign Service with a concentration in global health and biotechnology and a minor in French. During her time at Georgetown, Kayla has focused on examining how law and policy can serve as tools to strengthen the international community’s response to infectious disease outbreaks, improve access to medicines, and advance health equity. As a student and researcher straddling disciplines, Kayla’s interests in science and health are accompanied by a passion for language, literature, and history that dates back to childhood. The Persian Studies Program has become a cornerstone of Kayla’s time at Georgetown, not only providing her with a close-knit community to connect with her heritage, but also an intellectually vibrant space to explore her curiosities about Persian poetry, literature, and contemporary cinema. After receiving her BSFS in May, Kayla will stay at Georgetown to complete her Master of Science in Infectious Disease and then head to Harvard Law School in 2025 to pursue her JD.